Not Your Average Intro

Not Your Average Intro Lyrics Meanings
by Big J Csb


Not Your Average Intro Lyrics

I wake up like uh, everyday to work a 9-5
But i already got a job and thats staying alive
I need my minimum wage to go ahead and pay my bills
So when i come back home i can look forward to my pills
Crush the perky in my 3.5
Then i mix the betty white, fuck whats finna go down
U used to make the shit myself so ion really give a fuck
Keep the blade next to my bed right next to my gun

Im in a war that im losing
I feel so lost somebody tell me what im doin
Cuz see i smoke up all my weed throughout the day
Drink myself to sleep at night like i did yesterday
Its a, dirty cycle that i live everyday
Just to come back home to momma telling me it be ok
But im a, grim reaper, street dealer, pussy eater
Reminiscent of the first time i emptied out my nina
Weighing heavy on my conscience, i take it
See his face at night i know im not gon make it
Im an insomniac that likes to be a rapper
A murderer, hustler, drug dealer like a pastor
So this is me preaching, welcome to my sermon
If u think that u gon let it go u might need my service
So go ahead and slide thru
Cuz tonight, ill pull the trigger, aint no way that its true
Im sick n tired of u niggas keepin tabs
Seeing 12 around the corner Death callin in advance
Do me the favor what i told him last night
As i let the poison flow out of my veins that night
12 in my window, ghost in my bed
I cant even sleep at night cuz all these voices in my head
All i see is dead bodies in the bags under my eyes
Mane i done seen a lotta shit dat make a grown man cry, uh
Go ahead and try to tell me im wrong
But i can guess u neva had a pistol hang out ya drawers
Or u aint never seen ya nigga die, get shot in his lung
I was 17 the first time i emptied my drum, uh
Its a struggle when ya parents broke u gotta get by
My cuzzo taught me everything i knew to get high
Now im 20,
Look at what i been thru
I cant een close my eyes i see niggas i done killed too
Tell me who there is to talk to that i can trust
Nobody that can see my pain clearly so im fucked
I got two pills one blue one cream
Have my ass up in thugz mansion with a blue dream
I see billie holiday calling my name
While i see my grandmama waiting for me at the gate
Two bars left, one that i wrote
And then another one that ima swallow just to get thru

Writer(s): Javier Lopez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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