Da Baddest (feat. Trey Songz)
Da Baddest (feat. Trey Songz)

Da Baddest (feat. Trey Songz) Lyrics Meanings
by Big Kuntry King
ft. Trey Songz

May 20, 2008
Da Baddest (feat. Trey Songz) Music Video

Da Baddest (feat. Trey Songz) Lyrics

You kno who dis is mane(mane)
Big kuntry king(king)
Come on [x2]
Aye girl [x3]

Girl your ass is just the fattest(fattest)
If I can I wanna grab it(grab it)
I'm the man n you can have this(have this)
Wat I'm sayin' is you a bad bitch(a bad bitch)
Girl your ass is the fattest
Can I touch it, can I touch it, can I touch it like this
Can I cuff it, can I cuff it, can I cuff it like this
Can I, can I, can I, can I
Wat I'm sayin' is you a bad bitch (a bad bitch)
Girl your ass is the fattest

I'm in love with a stripper
T-pain on da otha half
Got ten stacks a one's let the ground do the math
Throwin' money in the club let the rain with her ass lookin' for a bad bitch
Guess wat? she just that
Hair jet black, ass that's fat
She's the reason why every nigga in here be runnin back
N hoggin' all the desks tryna get that girl a roll
Everybody gotta inventation open car-go(goo)
She a monster on that pole
Slowly slidin' down
She can easily steal your soul bouncin' that ass all round(round)
Wen she hit the flo hard tryna splash up a puddle wonder wats the next play like she callin out a huddle like a shuddle
Purp smoke got us all takin off n she look me in the eyes while she take her clothes off
Is it her make up over a face that pretty
Then she whisper in my ear to tell me she comin with me


Go to bodytap the strippers if you wanna see sum massive titties(titties)
If you wanna diamond(diamond) you go to magic city(city)
Caramel skin ass enough to sink in(sink it) all this money on the floor baby go head n sink it(sink in)
Her lip gloss poppin'(poppin') that's why she always lick it(pa pop poppin')
Pussy poppin' on the pole(pole)make me wanna hit it(yess)
I watch them dollas
Fall on her like a waterfall(fall)
Oh yes she gon flirt(flirt) until she get it all
She's the baddest bitch
Somethin' like that girl trina(yes) I love to watch her get money wen them girls team up(yes) n them high hills give her ass the perfect fool
Yes she likes to pose like she doin' a center fold(fold)
The center of attention
Oh yea she be the show(show)
The simplest movement will leave your mind blown(blown)
You gotta love it though(though) cause she gettin doe(doe)
Every time she see me she got a place to goo


Yeah yeahhh

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Da Baddest (feat. Trey Songz) Meanings

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