Big Moe
Lil' O, H.A.W.K. Get Back cover

Get Back
by (Feat. & )

Dec 18, 2007

Get Back Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Lil' O and [Big Moe] 2x each
And another one
[And another one]
Verse 2
Chorus [Big Moe] 2x
Get back Get back
All you haters trying to get my stash [trying to get my stash]
Step back Step back
I ain't taking no set back
Verse 3
Verse 1 [Lil' O]
Niggas want to x out O like tic tac toe
Cause I'm the type of cat that get that doe
Get them bricks
Hit the streets grind hard and get that six
Them broads try to fuck i'll get that bitch
I'll get her skirt
I'm not the big tymers but I got that work
And when I hop out in a bentley then its got to hurt
I drop the top on you boys until the dances shirt
I'm fat rat with da cheese main
What you know about going over seas main
Blowing trees and the bricks pushing v's main
Me and Moe we ain't tripping its a g thang
You got to love it Ipushed and shoved it just to get in the doe
that's like I pushed and shoved just it just to get in your hoe
To the boys talking bout you gon wet Lil' O
So I ain't playin games no moe
And that's for real
Verse 0
Verse 3 [H.A.W.K.]
Back Back playa raise up off me
Shit that a stick is hotter than a cup of coffee
Your mistakes a cost me when you messing with my stash
Sixteen[16] get crush if we're on the same track
How you feel about that it's not fiction or fact
When I add or subtract comes back plus tax
Your minor setback leads to major combat
Improper contact leads to mortal combat
Hole in your starter hat and your skull gets cracked
Now I walked all on you like you're a doormat
Two hataz I break half squash why'all chit chat
If your patna is real he'll never turn his back
I know this for a format add needs to teachings
Mess with my stash and you gon be a quadrule preaching
You better believe it don't mess with my fade
Or you gon to feel the wrath of the H.A.W.K.
Verse 4
[Chorus] 3x

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