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by Big Punisher


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[Big Punisher]
Earth to Pun.. come in Pun..
Yeah yeah yeah..
The levels the levels the levels be good?
Levels is good, levels is good?

[Chorus: Big Punisher - Repeat 2X]
You got to watch those, jokers who pop those
You know those, crusty-lipped snot-nosed
Indeed I spot those, actin rah rah, talkin bla-bla
that's ca-ca, chill pa-pa, no ah-ahh (ah-ahh)

[Big Punisher]
I'm quick to dumb out, run up in yo' crib with the guns out
Spray your peeps, smack the baby teeth out your son mouth
Who can stop me? I told shorty I'ma shoot you papi
Caught him in the crapper with the clapper;
While he was doin caci
I'll probably die in jail - make it through life and fry in hell
Either way I'ma lead the way, cause only time'll tell
I rhyme for real, not that imaginary vocabulary
I really will stab you and every one of my adversaries
There's no remorse - f*** these thug n****z, show me the boss
Gimme a hustle worth the risk of goin up North
I love my freedom, and you know I love my bein
So sometimes I gotta get ugh and mug for my per diem
I'll see him in hell, we'll settle it there, better it there
No innocent bystanders to get hit with a spare
Like I really care who catches strays from the Mac
Like I really care who you paid to rap on your track
N**** you wack - you ain't bringing nuttin for us
I got songs with the Devil and Jesus singin on the chorus
You can't ignore us, n**** you know how we roll
Sixteen in the clip and one in the hole


[Big Punisher]
Can't no comp come at me, this battle the Bronx'll back me
Got the nicest n****z alive talkin bout, "Papi's nasty"
C***y crafty like Rocky sa**y Puerto Rock Apache
Posse not even the cops could catch me
I'm too fast - four-hundred pounds, but I move a**
Soon as you spoke, I already smoked you with two jabs
My game is tight - you want to play, just name your price
Fame to ice, your brains your life, the game is sheist
and I'm the trifest on the field
Even in school I was nominated the most likeliest to kill
This bastard steal, a full clip and a extra
and I'ma blast ya til your whole click respeta
Leave you muerta, it ain't me it's the metra
'tate quieta, the b**** got a bad temper
Don't surrender - you ain't got a chance
You be lucky to leave here half-dead, in an am-bu-lance
So take a chance, but expect the worst
Put my foot so far up your a**
the sweat on my knee'll quench your thirst

(OOOOOH! *long slurrrrrrrp* .. "Thanks Pun!")


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