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In Tune
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Dec 8, 2017

In Tune Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Intro: Lori Perry]
Day after day seems like I push against the clouds
They just keep blocking out the sun
It seems since I was born
I've wakened every blessed morning
Down on my luck and up against the wind
Verse 0
So don't get it confused, don't get it confused, yeah (no, no)
I'm in tune, I'm in tune, I'm in tune, yeah yeah
I'm in tune, I'm in tune, I'm in tune, yeah yeah
I'm in tune, I'm in tune
Don't get it confused, don't get it confused
We are not the same, boy I smile through the pain, 'cause
I'm in tune, I'm in tune, I'm in tune, yeah yeah
I'm in tune, I'm in tune, yeah
Verse 2
[Verse 1]
Bitch, I ain't going to your event
You do too much going out and not enough going in
I got too much going on, so I'm gone with the wind (gone)
And if I ain't going to work, then I'm going to the gym (to the gym)
Yeah, bitch I'm at focus
Don't get it confused
I'm too spiritual to lose
It's worth every single bruise
Long as the dogs proud of me, then I got nothing else to prove
Long as Milly proud of me, then I got nothing else to prove
I'm a G, I'm a Don, I'm a soldier (I'm a soldier)
I'm charged up, man I'm beaming, I'm solar (pew)
I'm from the streets, full of heat, don't get boiled
They chew you up and spit you out, like it's spoiled
And my mind is an open mind
I believe in the Bible and Quran
And I follow the signs, yeah not street signs
I mean universal signs, I'm outside
And I realize my life got more meaning than a triple-entendre
And I realize any time the perfect time
Verse 3
[Verse 2]
Don't nobody know me like I know me (like I know me)
So I follow instincts only (only)
Man I done been double-crossed by the homies
I learned the hard way that they was authentic phonies (fake bitch)
Boy, shit so real in the field that I hardly stand still, but take care of my body still
I been drinking more water and popping less pills, man
Unless they vitamins, 'cause nigga I'm tryna live
And God blessed me like I got bad allergies
So I'm working like I run off an eternal battery
And if I dress casual, no I'm not a casualty (no, no)
And if I put my mind to it then that's what it has to be
Yeah you're fucking right damn, sure bitch that's for certain (fucking right)
Never cut the family ties, I only cut the burdens (whoa)
Got so many cuts and scars it look like I left the surgeon
Done been through so much shit, I'm like a whole 'nother person (thank God)
Verse 4
I'm in space, I'm in mind, I'm in tune
On a mission 'til I get inside my tomb and cocoon
Every success is just a checkpoint, pass and move
When I leave this body, I'ma prolly set up on the moon
Hold it down, I'm the glue
We be here, that I knew, since Timbaland and Magoo
And I proved and I bloom
I'm gon' win more than my room
Hand straight up like it's noon
If I can't live a hundred years, I'm gone way too soon
I'm in tune
Verse 5
[Producer Tag: Future]
If Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot you

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