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Love Ain't the Question

Love Ain't the Question Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
There's no doubt about it
Love ain't the question
And love ain't the answer
To what's coming down
Verse 2
With more than enough
To hold most folks together
We're lost more than average
Folks ever have found
Verse 3
We can't kiss and make up
Make love and take up
Somewhere where we left off
Somewhere where we've been
Verse 4
'Cause love ain't the question
And love ain't the answer
From the beginning
It was destined to end
Verse 5
"No, love ain't the question"
And love ain't the answer
For two head strong people
To set in our ways
Verse 6
We can't stay apart
And we can't stay together
A couple of misfits
That love cannot save
Verse 7
We've got love for givin'
And got love for takin'
But there's no forgiving
There's no giving in

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