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Bob White
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Nov 20, 1990

Bob White Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I was talkin' to the whippoorwill
He says you got a corny trill
Bob White (I'm gonna swing tonight)
Verse 2
I was talkin' to the mocking bird
He says you are the worst he's heard
Bob White (I'm gonna swing tonight)
Verse 3
Even the owl tells me you're foul
Singing those lullaby notes
(Well, he is a bring down)
(He never could swing down)
(He ain't got my high notes)
Verse 4
There's a lot of talk about you, Bob
(Yeah) they're sayin' you're off the cob
(Why, that's heresy, I'll sue)
Verse 5
Fake it, (mm) Mr. B, (yeah go)
Take it, follow me, Bob White
We're gonna break it up tonight
Verse 6
Now, here's a wire from the whippoorwill
(You mean my old friend Will)
Who says you got a mellow drill
(Oh, ho, ho, yes, I have)
Verse 7
Bob White, (oh, ho, ho)
We're in the groove tonight
Verse 8
Now, here's another one from the mocking bird
(What does he have to say)
That you're the best he's heard
(Ho, ho, ho that's too absurd)
Verse 9
Bob White, (oh, ho, ho)
We really stole the light
Verse 10
Even the owl threw in a towel
After you sing staccato
(And the flamingo hollered up a jingle)
(What have we brought to)
Verse 11
Now the consensus of opinion
(Oh, ho, ho, what does the consensus say)
That you are a solid will
(Ho, ho, ho, yes, I am)
Verse 12
Sing on, Mr.B
(I'm gonna swing on merrily)
Bob White
We really broke it up tonight, Bob

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