The Message
The Message

The Message Lyrics Meanings
by Blasé Pablo & Truie Baby

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The Message Lyrics

Feeling kind of Wu Tangish
And I'm off the liquor
And it's got me speaking Spanglish
No sight for the sore eye and I'm aimless
Livin high above the law and you couldn't fucking tame this
Couldn't front this
Get the cash or you gone die
Different type of feeling
Different look in the eye
Baby girl please tell me are you down to ride
Frankie J sugar sugar
How you get so fly
It's so contraceptive
Baby mommas out here
Actin like detectives
All because they hopped on another dude's erection
Now they out here acting all selective
Fuck no

Annihilations anonymous, preposterous individual
Converting Catholics into criminals
Receiving subliminal messages since I was in middle school
Cold hearted killer barely hitting my pinnacles
Plan to reach places I only see in my dreams
Talking about cocaine the cold ice and the cream
Triple beam schemes
Driving fly whips rocking fly kicks
Jocking fly chicks
Monster flow terroristic bomb threat
Now your girls wet
Black van creeping through your hood
That's me Truminati
Rap killer cocaine flipper
Money getter
Yeah pulling triggers

Push clear as I open up my third eye
Educated first when it
When it comes to busting rhymes
Stussy? Gucci? Fendi don't forget the Prada
Dripping wet existent when im getting all these dollars
Stacking chips then I go get my little lay
With a fine Hunny perfect little get away
Bahamas on the beach I'm talking Hennessy
Mixed liquors and I'm talking about remedies

Medicinal flow I'm the cure for Corona, Ebola
I'm the new ayatollah, yeah
Long live True
Leave you black and blue, yeah
Hospital opponent
You my next victim, yeah
That's your boy right
How you bum with them
Now you roll with them
You gone die with them
Bass hit hard when I'm rolling thru your block
Drip so hard got your bitch on my jock
Lyrical assassin, you capping
I'm plotting like Carol Baskin
Now you asking do you want the smoke
No, I kill that weak shit
Little sorry ass flow you already know
Truminati high society
And we stay live
And we stay live
And we stay live

Writer(s): Angel Salmeron, Christopher Lopez
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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