Blitzen Trapper Wild and Reckless cover

Wild and Reckless

Nov 3, 2017

Wild and Reckless Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Well we danced in the back of the pickup truck
Till the sky turned to roses
Then we drove into town and we danced some more
Till the ballrooms all were closin'
Verse 2
And that red dress baby, that your sister made
When you dance it sure looks fine
And when we've both grown old and we're looking back
On these wild and reckless times
Are these the best days of our lives?
Verse 3
Well I was seventeen years livin' in this world
Thinkin' I was gonna live forever
You were sixteen goin' on twenty-five
You were swimmin' out in that river
Verse 4
Well I jumped like a dog into the current, girl
Leavin' everything I knew behind
And when I got to the shore in that no man's land
I guess I knew just what I would find
Verse 5
In these wild and reckless times
Oh these wild and reckless, wild and reckless times!
Verse 6
You were never satisfied, but you know I tried
There was blood on my hands and my shirt and my shoes
You can trade your soul for the whole wide world
But there's a deal no man can ever refuse
Verse 7
When they kicked in the doors, you know all hell broke loose
I thought the world must have lost its mind
And you were sittin' as the chick sat through the field
Bein' young it just ain't no crime
Verse 8
Aw in these wild and reckless times
Yeah these wild and reckless times
Oh these wild and reckless, wild and reckless times
Verse 9
I checked out of McLaren, it was July fourth
As the sky it filled with lightnin'
And I walked through the streets, to your old man's place
But not a single light was shinin'
Verse 10
And all those busted out windows like a dead man's eyes
I guess I knew it was a sign
And if I ever grow old and I'm lookin' back
On these wild and reckless times
Where they the best days of our lives?
These wild and reckless times

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Copyright: Martin Thomas Marquis, Eric Earley
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