Bobby Brackins
Ray J 143

by (Feat. )
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Dec 21, 2010

143 Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Knockout, yeah, Ray J, Bobby Brackins, yeah
Verse 0
143--I'll make you yell it when we sexin'
143 is what you send me when we textin'
I ball, ba, ba, ball
And pop, pa, pop bub
I'm just looking for some love in the club
143 I la, la, la love you
143 I la, la, la love you
143 I la, la, la love you
143 I la, la, la love you
Verse 2
Ride with a stunna
You know that I'm winning
Headed to the top
I ball, no 9th inning
Pop bottles in the club
Yes, we can
I don't even care if you a lesbian
That just means we got some common interest
Spark my trees then I'll spark your interest
Let's pop some bubbly
Tell me you in love with me
No golf, but club with me; I'm big like double Ds
Poppin' in cities I ain't heard of
Let me see your titties
Baby, pull that shirt up
Lift that skirt up; got buns like a burger
Do the most, not the minimum
You not a wage worker
Verse 3
Verse 4
Call up your local station
If you hear this on the radio
I'm calling up Ray J thinking about the video
If we make a video, I'm a need a scene with dimes
In t-shirts that say 143
I got my video all on t.v (wa' wa' what next, Bob?)
We gone drop the E.P.
Throwing dubs in the club at the dance club
Or at the strip club; it's 143 love
Or settle at a playa location
Made another hit for the radio station
143 to the cutie from the club
Stick shift love 143 so clutch
Verse 5
143 e e (aye what it do)
143 e e (aye what it do)
143 e e (aye what it do)
When you see me in the club, say I love you
Verse 6
Verse 7
My girl's a mack, mack, mack
Lambo's all black, black, black in the club
With stacks stacks stacks
143 stay it back back back 431
Sexy, can I fall in love?
Sexy, can I run the club?
143 ee girl I love you
Verse 8

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