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You're Just Like You

You're Just Like You Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Buttercup daisies
And most anything
They wither and fade
After blossom in Spring
Time conquers innocence
Pride takes a fall
In knowledge lies wisdom
That's all
Verse 2
Everything changes
Weather blows hot or cold
Through alchemy iron turns gold
Quicksilver baby
So hard to pin down
Oh when are you coming around?
Hopelessly grounded
I walk through the streets
Remembering how we spent time
Hopefully yearning that someday we'll meet
But when will we, how could we, why? Oh my!
Verse 3
Fashion houses ladies
Need plenty loose change
When the latest creation
Is last year's fab-rave
Thought patterns hazy
This auto-style age
Will lady luck smile old and sage?
She knows that,
Never again, no, will I give up my heart
To gamble with fate is my crime
Verse 4
Nevertheless love, it's all here in my book
I'd write it but don't have much time
You see, I know it sounds crazy
But what can I do?
I've fallen head over heels, over you
Chameleon color
Verse 5
All phases of moon
The shifting of planets
And leopard spots too
As destiny wills it
So seasons will change
Just like you

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