Stick Freestyle

Stick Freestyle Lyrics Meanings
by Boe Gunna

Stick Freestyle Lyrics

(And I don't want to die)
(I know that there's some friends on the other side waiting)
(But I'm not ready to die)
(Got too many plans on the up that's creating)
I wake up and hug my bitch
The one with the extended clip not the one that's on my dick
Ain't no way that I can lose if she stay up on her shit
Always take care of my pole been like that since I was a jit
I'm just hoping she don't miss
Bro don't work at FedEx
Still get them in by the truckload
Treat your block like William Sonoma
Pull up and then we unload
They wasn't on the same case
I don't even know why bro told
They say I'm ice skating up on the beat
Because my flow cold
Down for the Boe for infinity treat them like they kin to me (Big Boe shit)
Love them with all of my energy fuck all of our enemies
Talking to pigs that's a sin to me you couldn't be friends of me
And I can't drop no more free verses that shit like six a piece
I done been down bad I'm talking lowest of the lows
Kind of crazy it took over ten years to get up out this hole
Told little bro to pass the ball and I guarantee I score
Now watch how I kick shit man I'm trying to reach my goal
Life is a gamble I keep a horseshoe
Announce yourself if I don't know you
Won't say what I will do I'm ah show you
Standing on business like I'm supposed to
Can't give out no passes naw we ain't in school
Everybody two way mirrors and I can see through
Never recorded saying shit unless it was Pro Tools
And never speak on something that the state can hold against you
Take care of your family cut off the ones who ain't for you
And sit back and observe it'll play out in front of you
Don't take no bullshit stand up to the biggest bully
War time it's only right that you ride around with that fully
In or out the field can't no nigga say he shook me
I was taught to be quiet in the library and when they book me (When they come and get me)

Writer(s): Vernon Jones
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Stick Freestyle Meanings

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