Better Believe It

Better Believe It Lyrics Meanings
by BoogieTheDon
ft. M-3

Better Believe It Lyrics

Put it in her stomach
You don't gotta arch ya back more
If I spin ya block there ain't nun to come back for
If I spin twice ya block look like the Middle East
You can't walk a mile up in my shoes
You can't fill these
I'm Mr pull up to her crib
And hit it missionary
Talkin out my ass like lebron
I'm a visionary
Didn't fuck with school, yea I said fuck the dictionary
I'ma always talk my shit nigga, I ain't never worried
Fuck plan b c and d
I'm on plan x
Pull up to her crib
Wearing spandex
Had to smoke a piece yea
Just so I could walk in
Makin more than you and I ain't never had to clock in
She get in doggy style, I told that my dog died
Trippin off that Gary Payton
Niggas lookin frog eyed
Made your yearly pay in a week
I do not lie
Could've made ten times more
But I do not try
If it's under a band I ain't coppin it
Play me like I'm sweet
But the whip
Got the Glock in it
Vision all red
If it moves then I'm Poppin it
No this ain't a game
She suck my dick
Yea she boppin it
Treat ya lungs right
Niggas really smokin backyard
Shawty comin over
I might hit it in the backyard
Sippin on the keisha
Yea I'm sippin on the wockhard
Ion even want the bitch
She ain't get my dick hard
I can say I made it, keep your patience
Keep on heading on
Fake it till you make it
Not me with play a different song
Loyal to the gang right or wrong you know what we on
Diamonds on my ear and my neck they call me Don
Dropping dimes, dropping rhymes
Drop the M's in the car
See I shine, and I grind
Told bro that we going far
Aim for the moon but disperse I'm a fucking star
Moving militant can't tell its my fucking car
Yeah that's another bar
Zach the engineer back me with the guitar
Just Need me a baker all I want is fucking bread
This a code of silence so forget what I said
Yeah and they that seen I made it out
Everybody round me eating check their fucking bank accounts
See the views from the six tell me what that range about
On the money in this bitch tell me what the hate about

Writer(s): Jalen Gordon, Marcus Henderson
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Better Believe It Meanings

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