Bow Wow, Lil' Bow Wow Crazy cover

by Bow Wow & Lil' Bow Wow

Crazy Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 0
I'm crazy
How I dress
And keep it fresh
So many steps
Ahead of y'all
'cause I'm before my time
Verse 1
[Repeat: x2]
I'm crazy
How I do it
When I do it
I gets to it
That why the girls
The girls they love me
Verse 2
Y'all know what it is when I step in the house
So stoop sitting back tryin' ta figure me out
I know it don't sound right
That I'm only fourteen in your life
30 years old
'cause you only when gold so you mad at me
'cause my first joint went triple P
And no matter what I do when I step in the 2
The girls they love me
The only reason I'm winning is because I'm a gimmick
I know that's what you're sayin'
But I came to your show
And there was nobody in it
And you still think you're the man
What was that no promo
No radio
I know you got something to say
It's not your fault
'cause you're hot
But don't nobody else seem to feel that way
See it's like this
When you rap people just clap
When I rap they shed tears
You know this So So C.O.
Flow Crazy like Britney Spears
It is
Ask yo mama
Ask yo brotha'
Ask somebody's dad
I'm collar poppin' gangsta I'm supa' bad
I'm crazy
Verse 3
Verse 4
My parents it
Head cot
Air force
No socks
Braided up
And a bubble watch
Block man
Every color band
I'm sayin' I switch every time the wind blow
When I ain't putting it down
Playin' around
You could catch me in that Tet mo
It's mandatory that I rock two chains
Only way I do things
With so much game
Stay out of my range
'cause I could me a mountain move
If I wanted to
When I really want to move you
Only rock it if it's new
Only top it if it's true
So stop your nonsense
Held me back
Color do rag
Jumpos with I whole lot of sag
Dad in the Range
Mom in the Jag
And I keep on all the tags
Ask yo moma
Ask yo brotha
Ask somebody's dad
I'm collar poppin' gangsta
I'm supa' bad
You know I'm crazy

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