Money Lyrics Meanings
by Boy Nyce


Money Lyrics

Yeah i think there are a lot I need to know about you you know
I don't even know whether you came to save us or you came to kill us
Cuz people are actually happy with you and others are crying without you

I actually taught of the world without you
Would be happy everytime imagine the world without you
We all gonna live in smiles that's the world without you
I know everything would have been fine if we were without you
But why you messing up the world tell me all about you
Why you messing up the world tell me all about you
Money I need answers to these question I ask you
And people keep saying you good but you know it's not true
You are just tearing us apart and is like we still love you I hate you
Tell me why the world cannot be runned without a paper
Obiaa hwehwɛ wo not even everyone that wants to know God
Tell me how you rule the world I think that you the Satan
I just the wonder why and how you got into this whole thing
Root of evil you bring us sins I know you pagan
Ebi se woyɛ sunsum woyɛ hann wosan yɛ mogya
And if enobe you nka y3nnim hia we all go dey fine
Imagine the mess you brought to us and change the whole of your game plan
Obiaa se onnya wo a ne haw nyinaa etoɔ bɛtwa ɛmmerɛ aa
ne nsa bɛka wo no na amaneɛ no pii aba abɛfa
Woho nti nkorɔfoɔ nda woyɛ adwumma but still wofrɛ a womma
See people dey starve then still they force but you never mind
You never making peace with people who go stretch their hands
To save people from poverty you go to the wrong hands
Killing dreams of people and you leave them with your long stress
You don't care,why the f*ck you come into our lives then
Brother fight a brother nipa kum ne nua they shed blood after this evil they smile Because they want the money some
No matter how much we have you we still run after the paper people make busy Everyday chasing you still run
Sesiaa sika tɔ ahenkyɛ
Yɛsan de wo na ɛtɔ mpanindeɛ
Wiase nneɛma w'agye afa nti wo nni bi aa wo wonnsɛ nipa
Sika na ɛtɔ faahodie animuonyam ɛne ahodie
Sesiaa obra no y3nni wo aa as3 yentumi ɛntu ɛmpon da
You brought sins to church
You are a leader if you have cash
No one cares about the poor and not
In the church
Only raising funds to give it to pastors to spend
Competitions there they draw poor people away from the world
Christ gave to the needy but we taking instead
People don't go to church because they don't have you and they're scared
When it's time for offering they don't pay they feel bad
But why should it be so this is all because of you bitch
Mewɔ nsɛm beberee bisa meserɛ woaa yi mano
Woho nti people are doing drugs and substance abuse
Nipa pii na anka wohia ma abusua abɛyɛ nipa foo
Wapem aa still aa onnya wo nti afei adane ne nsanom
Beberee ahwere ɔmo nkwa kɔfabae ne nyinaa yɛ
Wo san wo nti obra no ayɛ basaa adane nipa koo
ɛnnyɛ menkoaa na mewɔ bi ka people want talk to you
Now you got to answer them yourself pick up the damn phone...

Phone ring
I have been calling this guy soo much he don't even pick up the damn phone
Yoo money whatup bro
I have been working soo hard bro i aint got none bro whatup
Phone ring
Hello herh money where you they
Arh but this guy paa
Phone ring
Yeah sika whats onn momii yare da hospital
Oo ma hwehwɛ wo damaa menhu wo na ɛse abade
Oh asaay wabɔlɔɔp oo wa hangup call no wɔ modo oo
Sometimes I put the blame on us for giving you this chance
Nyankopɔn de biibia hyɛɛ yɛn nsa but now you rule over us
And we are giving you all the attention only reason we taking our plans
Think we focus on you more than you deserve and that one they bring us down
Enni sɛ yɛ worry about you and live wanna own lives
Put in the hustle and all we got to do you will come in your time
And if you no they come we should just try and understand
I wonder why we dirty our minds of you and fight our own lives
We are to blame of all these race cuz we they rule wanna own minds
Why we created a cage they we are only free whenever you are with us
We should just love others 3nfa hi mpo s3 wei deɛ odi hiaa
Then we can just calm our minds, the Society wet they bring you up
We for respect the rich and also the poor, I think maybe that's why
Sɛ yɛnnya odo ne nkabom de ma yɛnnho dea sika mbɛdi yɛso da
Let's give a hand when we have some
We shouldn't think that we are the best
Obi nni bi aa yɛmmoa no ntɛm
Firisɛ yɛnnyinaa we go face death
Owuo nka sɛ wei deɛ ɔwɔ ne dam
Enti ɔkɔfa de3 ɔwɔ apatam
Deɛ wote biaa,adaka wobɛdam
Yɛnnfa adwene no ntɛm

Writer(s): boy nyce
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
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