On My Own!
On My Own!

On My Own! Lyrics Meanings
by Broke Boi J

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On My Own! Lyrics

(Go, go, go, go)
(Go, go, go, go)

Said he want smoke, smoke
I told him ok, let's go, go
I got an AR with a scope, scope
Get to the bread, I ain't worried bout' no hoe, hoe
Imma blow up on my own, own
Hit her from the back, make her moan, moan
We gon' catch him in traffic, on the road, road
Cause we on his head like a comb, comb
If he talking down, we gon' blast him like a rocket
If he talking down, the choppa pop him, like a pop-it
Yeah, I get to the money, and I cannot stop it
Bad hoe in the crib, she give me neck, just like an ostrich

If he talk down, hold him hostage
Been off the good gas, no Auschwitz
Been smoking this za, got me coughin'
If he talk, put him in a coffin
I'm on go, there's no off switch
He a lil baby, he still crawling
Sippin' Wok, yeah, it got me nauseous
You can't touch me, I'm on top s***
If it's not about money, we not talking
Im bout' to stuff her like a stocking
I just been balling, like I'm Stockton
She keep calling, gotta tell her to stop it
I spend a band on my watches
I just want head, girl stop talking
We gon' fill him with lead, if we catch him walking
She said she was hungry, I fed her my sausage

(I just want head, girl stop talking)
(We gon' fill him with lead, if we catch him walking)

We on his head, like some twists
Stay with the stick, I ain't talking no twigs, yeah
She said I'm fly like a blimp
And shawty a snack, I ain't talking no Twix, yeah
If he talk down, make him jump, like Jordan
Pull up and shoot the three, you know I'm scoring
High off the gas, got me flying and soaring
Yo hoe gon' eat up the d like some porridge
Nevermind, she ain't all that, she so boring
Imma get to the bread, cause that's more important
Choppa on me, sing like a chorus
If I pull it out, he gon' run like Forrest
She trying to eat me like casserole
He so good at acting, he'd probably cast a role
Antarctica on my neck, my diamonds so freezing, cold
I get the maximum, he get the minimal

(He so good at acting, he'd probably cast a role)
(I get the maximum, he get the minimal)

Writer(s): Justin McNair
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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