Here the Whole Time

Here the Whole Time Lyrics Meanings
by Bruce Andrew


Here the Whole Time Lyrics

I was running in place
Now i'm gunning for first place
Got a lot up on my plate
Greens, mash potatoes, steak
Depending on how much I make
How much make you great?
Twenty-thousand hours more or less i'm late
Mental problems, but my MIND in the STATE
I know that I got it
Baby you just got to WAIT
Cruising through the city like i'm in outer space
And i'd give it all to ya'll because your all is what you gave

Frequency waves on pavements
Pictures of images, living in arrangements
That I make (that I make, that I make)

That I make

Just to say I made it
Tripping off the city lights
I know I'ma get it right
Thinking 'bout a girl
That was from the other night
I just need to chill, find me something nice
Something right
Something like
Something like
Something like

I've been searching for something that's been here the whole time
Funny how life is, you really got to struggle 'for you ease your mind
Still learning how to fly
All in due time
Just look up at the sky
It's going to be alright

She THE ONE for me
When she NEXT TO ME
Come and dance with me
So romantic we
Got connectivity
With our chemistry
Come and play with me
Come and stay with me
Come and show me all your light I need your energy
Don't play with me, because love isn't a game
But you got to take control and push my buttons right baby

Love isn't a game, but you playing
But you playing, but you playing
But you playing, but you playing
But you
You don't know what I'm saying
Going crazy
Know'm saying? know'm saying?
Know'm saying? know'm saying?
Pull up with your friends
You got the nerve to be a boss
Oh you did it by yourself
And you got a lot going for you
You don't need a man
But you feel you always missing something
I know that I came from nothing
But I got something to show you

(And just like that)

We're born into life and automatically think of ways to make it better
And when we die, we hardly remember
Too many times i've thought about existence
It's all just, visions of living and dying in the distance
Realizing I'm just losing my mind at this instance
But it was here the whole time
In my mind
Got me sipping on that drank hopping out tipping
I gots to
Get it

Writer(s): Bruce Garcia
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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