Squueezboxx Lyrics Meanings
by Buddha Combo


Squueezboxx Lyrics

One time for my peoples
The cure is inside you not pop cults or steeples
Twice for the sheeples
The love is inside you not red or blue eagles
Thrice for the peepul
To bless with longevity to put my last breath to needles
One last time for the evil
You just wait til the blind realize we're all equals

I'm only hanging out cause the noose fit
Clueless terran unit versus zerg rush 2 hit
Trying to find the short stick well .i drew it
This toxic stress is taxing call up Hewitt
Living in the phat just long enough to chew it
Staring in the Void long enough to hue it
Reached for the sun for a minute to imbue grit
Mountain mocking me you going over, around or through SHIT.
The clock really do tick faster
Off of borrowed time we mixdown and master
Pills bottles weed and love be our makeshift rafter
But We don't think about the cost til the morning after
Til we're pushing daisies Id prefer a single Aster
To guide the way for uncontrollable laughter
When people at my funeral call me a bastard.
Cause I probably showed up late man what a disaster.

So here's the message that I'm sending
It's never too late to to keep the life that you're ending
Do it at your pace
And if anyone tells you shit get to mashing the face

I talk to animals so I don't go Hannibal.
Depression hitting magical. Stoner turned radical.
Brain is pragmatical.
The soul morphed mechanical
The body is botanical but flesh is tearing
2021 years past the point of caring.
But I still do
So tame the beast within you
Cause times about to run out
Everyone's got their guns out
What's the point of chasing clout
If no one's getting out the mothefuckin' roundabout

Writer(s): Victor Santiago
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Squueezboxx Meanings

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