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Ball And Bun
by &

Mar 21, 2006

Ball And Bun Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Featuring Bun be Of UGK]
Verse 2
Verse 3
Check 1 2
Verse 4
Check 1 2 baby yeah uh
Verse 5
1 2 1 2 microphone check 2
Verse 6
somebody better tells these mothafuckers how we wreck fools
Verse 7
Disrespect fools
Verse 8
Check and snap necks too
Verse 9
Chrushin' duos
Verse 10
Sittin' waitin' on the next 2
Verse 11
Nigga me and Bun got the extra clips and bullet proofs
Verse 12
Gone off illegal shit bustin' out the sunroofs
Verse 13
Scatterin' niggaz chatterin'
Verse 14
About where they been
Verse 15
Where they from, why they hate me, and relate me with
Verse 16
Stereotipical, down South country shit
Verse 17
On the real, we on the hustlin' makin' money shit
Verse 18
It's EightBizall makin' nigga feel Memphis, Tenn
Verse 19
Makin' hip-hop, funky as a chit-a-lin
Verse 20
Bitter men, mad, thinkin' that they better men
Verse 21
Knockin' at the Suave House door, but we won't let 'em in
Verse 22
Hoes and niggaz, got a lot of shit to talk about
Verse 23
Runnin' your mouth, can get you dead, deep down South
Verse 24
Verse 25
Verse 26
I don't know where ya been,
Verse 27
And I don't know what ya seen
Verse 28
But I know deep down South,
Verse 29
It's all about the green
Verse 30
Verse 31
Now, I don't know what ya seen,
Verse 32
And I don't know where ya been
Verse 33
But I know deep down South, ya keep your G-you-N
Verse 34
Verse 35
I don't know what you've done,
Verse 36
And I don't know what you do
Verse 37
But I know deep down South
Verse 38
Nigga, it's all on you
Verse 39
Verse 40
Now, I don't know what you do
Verse 41
An I know what you've done
Verse 42
But we can't tell ya 'bout nobody else,
Verse 43
But Ball and Bun
Verse 44
Verse 45
I see no evil,
Verse 46
Say no evil,
Verse 47
Hear no evil,
Verse 48
Try not to get in no evils
Verse 49
Raised up on Briz and Biz Bo-wevils
Verse 50
Ain't no sequels for your people when we touch down
Verse 51
South gon' put that crush down
Verse 52
Nigga lay your philly, and you'll touch down
Verse 53
Takin' that shit so much clown
Verse 54
Don't even sound real no mo'
Verse 55
Your cap'll get peeled, slo-mo
Verse 56
Fuck you and that steel .44
Verse 57
I'm triz, oh hoe
Verse 58
Pay your dumbasses no nevermind
Verse 59
Flip flows, so clever shine
Verse 60
Like diamond grapes on leather vines
Verse 61
Forever I regard it
Verse 62
As the first fool that started
Verse 63
Movin' gassed up niggaz till they farted
Verse 64
Hands, black hearted, cold
Verse 65
Get retarded
Verse 66
Like slingblade, it bring made niggaz
Verse 67
I played niggaz
Verse 68
Still want to see a thing fade niggaz
Verse 69
I stay niggaz
Verse 70
That is the fight, what you believe
Verse 71
Give you life room to breathe
Verse 72
But tonights the night for you to leave
Verse 73
As soon as sleep
Verse 74
Ain't got, no tricks up,
Verse 75
Your still get mixed up
Verse 76
From Southern black macks
Verse 77
That stay gettin' they dicked sucked
Verse 78
Verse 79
Verse 80
Crooked as the first letter in the word South
Verse 81
Niggaz who be 'bout gettin' paid, even when it's a drought
Verse 82
Fuckin' some stout, smokin' out
Verse 83
At my nigga house
Verse 84
98 live, side bet and gettin' screwed out
Verse 85
Screwed up, drinkin' my cup
Verse 86
Grippin' my nuts
Verse 87
Hoes be jockin', but eager niggaz get setup
Verse 88
Wet up, fucked up, what's up?
Verse 89
Test us, guess what?
Verse 90
True but, you just, messed up
Verse 91
Deeper, than encyclopedia Britanica
Verse 92
If Ball don't do it, then Bun-be gonna handle ya
Verse 93
Verse 94
To all you Betty Crocker,
Verse 95
Cock knockers that want to cook a cake
Verse 96
But don't know what it took to make that bitch,
Verse 97
Take a look you fake
Verse 98
And switch your recipe
Verse 99
Niggaz always takin' tests of me
Verse 100
Pressin' me, just to see the stress and hate
Verse 101
Bring the best of me
Verse 102
Leave your mouth open, sesame seed
Verse 103
I separate from stem and weed
Verse 104
Me, I go, murder
Verse 105
Murder them in deep blood clot
Verse 106
They get all red hot from lead shots
Verse 107
And what not
Verse 108
Mine, I go dead after red dot
Verse 109
And buckshot,
Verse 110
So bitch niggaz get the fuck out
Verse 111
Leave suckas stuck, fuck props
Verse 112
This where the buck stops
Verse 113
Verse 114
[EightBall Talking]
Verse 115
Yeah, Euphoric images
Verse 116
Psycadelic gangsta shit
Verse 117
This is fuckin' groovy man
Verse 118
I'll be back
Verse 119

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