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Curious Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
featuring Busta Rhymes LL Cool J MC Lyte
Verse 2
Verse 3
Verse 4
[J. Gill]
Verse 5
Tumbling dice
Verse 6
Seven on 'em baby
Verse 7
Yeah come on yeah come on
Verse 8
Verse 9
Verse 10
[LL Cool J]
Verse 11
When I rise in the morning and face the sunlight
Verse 12
You bounce all my love and Uh it's air tight
Verse 13
Sometimes I'm curious on how you feel
Verse 14
When you're screaming out my name
Verse 15
Is it really for re ality originality
Verse 16
My Mentality
Verse 17
Explore every possibility
Verse 18
Let's get down
Verse 19
Shorty time will reveal
Verse 20
The only true test is pain
Verse 21
You know the deal
Verse 22
Love appears like bright lights in the night sky
Verse 23
Disappears in the blink of a teary eye, that's why I'm
Verse 24
"see" caught up in your love
Verse 25
"you" are incredible, your love is a drug
Verse 26
"are" you the one that can hold me down
Verse 27
"I" don't know, but
Verse 28
"O" I like the sound
Verse 29
"you" are amazing, there's no doubt, top it off with a
Verse 30
"S" cause you smooth me out
Verse 31
Verse 32
[K. Sweat]
Verse 33
So get ready
Verse 34
And let me love you
Verse 35
I got the answer
Verse 36
Right here beside me, girl
Verse 37
Love is a gamble
Verse 38
I want to take with you
Verse 39
So let me win girl
Verse 40
I want to know what's on your mind
Verse 41
Verse 42
1- I'm curious
Verse 43
About your lovin'
Verse 44
I'm curious
Verse 45
I want to know what's on your mind, baby
Verse 46
I'm curious
Verse 47
About your lovin', girl
Verse 48
I'm curious
Verse 49
I want to know what's on your mind, baby
Verse 50
Verse 51
[Busta Rhymes]
Verse 52
Hey yo, I'm so serious
Verse 53
Your whole package baby
Verse 54
Lookin' so rambunctious
Verse 55
Got me wide open to golf
Verse 56
I'm really anxious to get familiar
Verse 57
Get in your subconscious and discuss
Verse 58
The many different various
Verse 59
Issues that affiliate the best of both of us
Verse 60
Word the mother
Verse 61
And as we ride up on the Bus
Verse 62
Conversation is making the whole situation a plus
Verse 63
Just figure it out
Verse 64
Is we dealing wit us?
Verse 65
Or do we capture that feeling that
Verse 66
Makes you curious
Verse 67
About whether or not we minimize the fuss
Verse 68
Just to move on, you must trust in Bussa Bus
Verse 69
And from the bus, horse carriages carry us
Verse 70
Singin' Sarafina, a little ghetto fabulous
Verse 71
Verse 72
[J. Gill]
Verse 73
Lovely Lady
Verse 74
Here's my attention
Verse 75
I've gotta have you
Verse 76
Right here beside me
Verse 77
Love is a gamble
Verse 78
I want to take with you
Verse 79
I want to win girl
Verse 80
So let me know what's on your mind
Verse 81
Verse 82
Repeat 1
Verse 83
Verse 84
Verse 85
I (oh)
Verse 86
I (oh)
Verse 87
I (oh)
Verse 88
I (oh)
Verse 89
Verse 90
[MC Lyte]
Verse 91
Curiosity killed the cat
Verse 92
Satisfaction brought it back
Verse 93
So how you likin' that
Verse 94
While you're digging on me
Verse 95
I'm digging on your moves
Verse 96
But I'm curious daddy
Verse 97
Can you show and prove
Verse 98
'cause I want to feel more than ever what you got
Verse 99
The smell of a cool water makes me hot
Verse 100
Run-dada, he knows the G-spot
Verse 101
And wear me or go dime and forget you're not
Verse 102
Ya see, the way that you be leaves me intrigued
Verse 103
And I do believe tonight you're feeling me
Verse 104
We can make music easily
Verse 105
And I'd readily give you the best of me, see
Verse 106
Verse 107
Verse 108
what's on your mind baby
Verse 109
So get ready
Verse 110
For my love tonight
Verse 111
I'm gonna make you feel
Verse 112
I'm gonna make you feel alright
Verse 113
Verse 114
Repeat 1
Verse 115
Verse 116
[J. Gill]
Verse 117
L-S-G never hurt nobody (I'm curious)
Verse 118
I like the loving girl (I'm curious)
Verse 119
I want to know what's on your mind (I'm curious)
Verse 120
L-S-G never hurt nobody (I'm curious)
Verse 121
I like the loving girl (I'm curious)
Verse 122
I want to know what's on your mind (I'm curious)
Verse 123
Ad lib until fade

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