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Back & Forth
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Oct 23, 2007

Back & Forth Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
There's a special kind of person
Sometimes she's not all she seems
You only see what she wants you to see
And before you really know it always seems to go
Verse 2
[Repeat x8]
Back and forth (Our love goes)
Verse 3
Take your chances if you will (those looks can kill)
It'll make you go round & around
You got to know it by now
That the truth is you just can't win
Loves funny like that
It'll make you blow your cap
Sacrifice everything and money
Love has no guarantee's
And always will it be
Verse 4
[Repeat x16]
Back and forth
Verse 5
Take stabs dip and dab
Forever tryin' to find your way
It's a sellers lament
For all the love you spent
You must have thought it was a bottomless pit
You can't do it like that
Love will show you where it's at
What you put up you'll surely get back
Cause there's no other way
If you play you'll pay
Verse 6
[Repeat x8]
Back and forth
Verse 7
Love has no guarantee's
And always will it be
Verse 8
[Repeat x16]
Back and forth

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