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Jul 18, 2000

Horsementality Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
[Ras] The beginnin' of the end niggaz!
[Can] Yeah, we goin' rock this shit forever
The alpha and the omega
The Canibus'll make your eyes redder
FUCK y'all niggaz talkin' bout cheddar
[Ras] Brought to you by your millennium group, The Horsemen
[Can] Four swordsmen
[Ras] From the land of the lost
[Can] Ras Kass, Killah Priest and Kurupt wit Can-I-bus
Throw your 4's up or get your vocal cords cut MOTHERFUCKER
[Both] Wavin' the four-four!
Verse 2
I'm headless nigga, but I packs a big piece
Blastin, they let assassins loose on the street
Murderous notes I wrote, I lacerate throats
I toss fire at niggaz; motherfuck the six
Verse 3
The condos is supposed to be flip bricks
All thirty-nine of your bitches, pretty-ass bitch nigga
I'll throw some fucked up kicks on
Next is a small tank top, the spot, shot it up
Verse 4
Beat you in your face wit a rope knotted up
'Cause we don't give a fuck, the Headless Horseman Kurupt
See I'm off the wall nigga, Horsementality
I'm a Horseman nigga and that's all I'll be
Verse 5
See I'm tired of the sparkly shit, niggaz talkin shit
I want to see the streets dark again
Let the heaters spark again, police callin all cars often
Powerful as a motherfuckin Vulcan
Verse 6
My specialty is - poetically lyrically energetically
Ultra magnetically Dogg Pound pedigree
Fuck the shiny shit, fuck a bitch, only grimy shit
Dirty shit, holocaust in thirty-thirty shit
Verse 7
Missile flick assassin Sicilian
Kill women and kill men, and kidnap children
For vengeance in the name of the Horsemen
Slice your Achilles tendon, the Headless Horseman
Verse 8
And we abide by, the code of the streets
The makings of a real MC (C...C...C...C) yeah bitch!
Verse 9
So just abide by what you ride by
Cause we abide, by what we ride by
Just abide by what you ride by
Cause we abide, by what we ride by
Verse 10
[Killah Priest]
What the fuck y'all done started; four apocalyptic prophets
Appearin out of floatin' objects, wearin' Middle Eastern garments
Long trench coats with our hands in our pockets
Slappin' all you scary-ass rap artists, half-retarded
Verse 11
Swear by our forefathers
Anything you speak, think, or show will be disregarded
Then I drag your frightened ass through the darkness
Bring you out the other side, as a carcas
Verse 12
I'm heartless, regardless if y'all claim to be Gods or Goddess
To me, y'all all garbage; I see all of y'all as movin targets
And my lyrics be the atomic rockets, cosmic vomic - spittin'
Hittin' at y'all Vietnam vets
Verse 13
Wit military arms and bombs strapped to our chest
Castin' meteor storms and comets
Now who want to make the next ras comment
And be the first one left unconscious?
Verse 14
After I squeeze your head like the Charmin
Fuck around and see a lightning bolt around your throat
And squeeze till your head smoke from all the electric volts
Satanically sacrifice your ass like an occult
Verse 15
Have your seance inside of a dark synagogue
We was lyrically sent to y'all
Like the Men of God to put a end to y'all
I sniff bites like dogs to get the scent of y'all
Verse 16
Horsemen, we be scorchin when we be walkin'
With the power to put a graveyard inside a coffin
Verse 17
[Ras Kass]
Let's air it out like the breeze
Now watch me do one-armed handstands
And hang these N-you-T's over seven continents and seven seas
Streets is Lebanese
Verse 18
Be rockin Bulgari wrist watches and sniper marines
Most of these MC's can't even rap, just model and go gold
And get big-headed like they swallowin colleges
I spit empty gravesites, rap stars fill 'em up
Verse 19
You what? Thirty, forty years old and still wack as fuck
Me? I ain't even in my prime
When I write my dopest rhyme, Western civilization declines
Catch me hoppin off the A train in a New York state of mind
Verse 20
But I rep Westside, so I keep L.A. time
That's a three-hour difference;
So when my bitch is a six, she's really a nine
In seven days, she'd still be a dime
Verse 21
Call me Blaze Skywalker hittin jugular veins
Crack open your skull wit a paper weight and suck out your brains
Kiddo, I be doin my thug-thizzo for shizzo
And the wife of a careless man is almost a widow
Verse 22
So what's happening, from P.I. to '99 Madden
Since police be jackin blacks, I talk to pigs in Pig Latin:
Uck-fay ou-yay itch-bay at-lay a-igga-nay-play,
And free Keith Mur-ray (Horsemen)
Verse 23
Yo, yo, yo
I kick a verse at six-hundred and sixty-six meghertz
Make lightnin flash across the sky everytime I curse
Six-hundred and sixty-six flashes
Verse 24
Give out six-hundred and sixty-six lashes
To the backs of six-hundred and sixty-six Master of Ceremony has-beens
Put a crown of thorns on whoever the king of rap is
If he's a *Catholic* I nail him to a crucifix
Verse 25
Then I beat him till he's blackish-blueish
Then perform acupuncture wit six-hundred and sixty-six toothpicks
Beat em with two whips; with pieces of broken glass glued to it
Your whole crew get spayed and neutered
Verse 26
As soon as I aim and shoot it, you get sprayed with bullets
Your armored cars and your kevlar vest, is useless
I'm a fuck all of you pussies like group sex
You get six-hundred and sixty-six years imprisonment
Verse 27
For biting off another nigga's shit, you bitch
You got caught, now you on the other side of the law
Snitchin on mad niggaz in a soundproof court
To get some of your sentence knocked off (nah nigga) you wildin
Verse 28
But you still be in Riker's Island gettin forced to toss salads
You scared of that, wit a phobia fear of that
I'm a tape it on the digital video DAT
And send a copy to Miramax - leave you exposed
Verse 29
Turn all the fiction to fact, so everybody will know
You a sucker-ass nigga, father-fuckin ass nigga
That got fucked in the ass by your father figure
(No matter who?) I'll bruise and bash you, blast you
Verse 30
Autograph you wit a bullet wound for a tattoo
Deliverin mind blowin rhymes and poems
Controllin my tongue when I'm flowin like pilot controlled Boeings
When I get bitten, I bite back, Quicker than Tyson attacks
Verse 31
I don't give a FUCK if I don't get my license back
So, take caution
The Four Horsemen'll chop your head off wit a sword then
Gallop Northward
Verse 32
MC's take caution
The Four Horsemen'll chop your head off wit a sword then
Gallop Northward motherfuckers; yeah
Verse 33
So just abide by, what your ride by
Cause we abide by, what we ride by
Just abide by, what your ride by
Cause we abide by what we ride by, HA!
Verse 34
Wavin the four-four! All you heard was "Priest, don't hit me no more"
Wavin the four-four! All you heard was "Bis, don't hit me no more"
Wavin the four-four! All you heard was "Ras, don't hit me no more"
Wavin the four-four! Aiyyo Kurupt, hit them niggaz wit the hardcore!
Verse 35
Yeah nigga, I'm headless without thoughts
With my motherfuckin arms crossed
I transform from a Dogg to a Horse
Took over the whole race course
Verse 36
To throw the jockey off the saddle
Now who the fuck really want to battle?
Got me a pistol, launch it off like a missile
Let it whistle, they fall fuckin round wit the Dogg
I'm a hog.. {*fades beyond audio*}

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