Carousel Kings You Never Will cover

You Never Will

Feb 10, 2017

You Never Will Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
I try explaining all of my frustration
But you already know
Let me summarize how I never met your expectations
You're wrong
You're wrong
I'm not afraid 'cause pain is temporary and my soul lives forever
Verse 2
I'll say goodbye for the last time
To everything I had
So let me try to live my own life
'Cause I'm not coming back
Verse 3
You don't see the value in creation
I guess it's hard to show
My aim is to explain how we all can reach our own salvation
You're lost
You're lost
It's not my place to try and help you find yourself
Verse 4
I let you take me for granted
I've always been second handed
I've been living a lie, hiding all of my life
You never have, you never will
Love me just the same
You always build your grudges high to destroy any bridge I try to make
You take me in, you push me out
You desire being desired
Throw me away too many times
So you I no longer admire

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