Fuck The Money cover
Fuck The Money cover

Fuck The Money Lyrics Meanings
by Talib Kweli
feat. Cassper Nyovest


Fuck The Money Lyrics

Fuck the money

I used to put the money first, y'all still do
But that hardly works cause y'all still ask for prices from
The waiters and you're hardly served
You pay once, you pay forever, that you can't reverse
That's why I ain't paid Talib for no fuckin' verse
Mutual respect over below payments
Your mind accepted marriage when money proposed slavery
I been listenin' and four quarters of y'all won't make it
I'm Africa's number one, that's a fuckin' bold statement
And I'm the most relevant
You failin' to admit that is your biggest impediment
We're not on the same level man
Your dream girl sent me nudes and I'm checkin' 'em
Underneath the table as I'm havin' dinner with the president
Man fuck the money
O tsenya tlhogo then otla ka plane
Eh sane, being broke's for makgokgorane
They love 'cause they know I'm bein' real to my peeps
There's niggas richer than me who still wish they were me

Fuck the money Money make niggas break promises
Money turn niggas into pharmacists
Money make you drop outta colleges
But the bars that I spit through God exist
Who we be, that's who we are
Versace, Gucci, Louis Vuitton
My taste expensive as a superstar
So I take what I want like a coup d'état
From profit sharing to profiteering
Now they stop and stare cause we cop McLarens
But we not preparing for God's appearance
Too busy dominating and domineering
Our competition securin' our position
Now our greed dangerous as a heart condition
Rap niggas lie like politicians
So I gotta tell the truth, that's a smart decision
Capitalism is a cataclysm
If white collar crime is a bad decision
Then the makers who routinely crash the system
Would quickly get they asses dragged to prison
Need money to eat, need money to live
Need money to keep, need money to give
But when pursuit of the money is your only goal
Then you lose control, then you lose your soul
Dollars and cents to rob our children of their innocence
So when it's sent, we come to our nation's capital to cash the check
According to Dr. King when he saw it clear in his dream
"We built the pyramids, they built a pyramid scheme"

Fuck the money

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