Winning Now

Winning Now Lyrics Meanings
by Cedia


Winning Now Lyrics

I'm not holding back i'm not holding Back no more
This the new me I been fighting for
This the new I been crying for
Time for a change I wont cry no More

Know what to do, gotta let go of you
Gotta get over you
Look a at new view that don't Include you
Right it's fuck you

You know what you did, don't act Like you don't
Don't say that you'll change cus I Know that you wont
Ignore your bad traits just to hold on To love
Wont do that no more ain't got no Time for love
Got to love myself and let this shit Go
You know how I feel and I know That you know
Let this go, gotta let this go
Packed all my shit bout to head for The door

It ain't peaches and apples you Ruined my heart
This shit is cold shoulda knew from The start
Been fighting myself trying not to Hurt you
And after all this man and look what You do
Got me feeling so crazy you have a Clue
Don't know what to do
I don't know what to do
Don't know what to do I got so Much to prove
Been playing a game I knew I would Lose

But i'm winning now
I'm back in the game and i'm Winning now
I'm flying now and you can't bring Me down
Yeah I lost you but found my crown
Smile on face I was bound to do this
You gave me a burn but the bullet I Missed
And i'm feeling pissed but I know i'll Be fine
Thought you ruined me, but you Brought me to life
But i'm winning now
I'm back in the game and i'm Winning now
I won't leave again, no I wont leave Again
Treat me like a 7 you know i'm a 10
Thought that I lost but actually I win
And i'll win again
And over again
Cus I got a good soul that's pure From within

Im winning now
I'm back in the game and i'm Winning now
Smile on my face cus im better now
On to the next you can't hold me Down
Do this again I wont do this again
Wont do no flaw shit I don't want Revenge
Oh not again, no never again
One day you taste your own Medicine

I'm winning now
I'm winning now
No you can't hold me down
I'm winning now
I'm winning now
I'm back on the grind and I'm Winning now

Writer(s): Cedia Dallas
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Winning Now Meanings

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