Sweet/Broken/Undercutter cover
Sweet/Broken/Undercutter cover

Sweet/Broken/Undercutter Lyrics Meanings
by Celadon Candy, Bryanna Rain


Sweet/Broken/Undercutter Lyrics

Sweet 70's innovation
Holds the golden key to my inspiration
Free 70s generation
It's in the air I breathe at this elevation

Music now, was music then
I have a chance all over again
To make it loud, make it clear
All the distance disappears

Street felony, instigation
It's inner city heat across every station
Beat melody combinations
In every word I say
Of my conversation

I use it now, I used it then
When discotheque was my best friend
I boomed it loud, I made it clear
I rearranged my atmosphere
Sweet melody
Street felony
A New Energy

When the crowd, gets in your ear
It permeates your atmosphere
But think it loud, think it clear
Ignorance will disappear

Broken into pieces
My disease is
That I care.

About the world, and the people living in the world.
Show me pictures of starving children
I get angry, then change the station
Still more picture of starving children
I get angry, then I get hungry
When I worked for UNICEF
It seemed to be the way, for Jesus to get my autograph
I sing their tears away.
Choking, over treacle.

They cannot hear from over there
We made a movie, then shot the sequel
Documentaries, 'cos we care.

Cue the pictures of starving children
Change the angle, change location
Still more victims like dying children

Nominate me for an Elie
Then we posed for photographs
Everyone was brave
A smile, a hug, and gentle laugh
Will feed their pain away
Words on broken phonographs
Reeking with decay
Close our eyes to circumstance

Hope it goes away
I'm Broken, Broken
We're Broken, Broken

You're the hole in my umbrella
The soaking wet behind my ears
The bloodstain on my name
The same disease I've had for years

If I went to see the doctor
He would say to stay away
But why should I heed advice? (The hospital charges twice)

When it's possible to feel worse
Sid and Nancy, loved each other
I want you to be my Undercutter
We'll watch the stars, lying in the gutter
I need you to be my Undercutter

Jezebel of my novella
We're soaking wet between the sheets
These feelings never change (I'm happy to be deranged)
Without you I'm incomplete

Provided we don't kill each other
I want you to be my Undercutter
Make my heart, melt like butter
I need you to be my Undercutter

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