Honest Man cover
Honest Man cover

Honest Man Lyrics Meanings
by Celladoor

Honest Man Lyrics

I don't know what is wrong with me
And I don't know where to start
I think that something's broken
But I know it's not my heart
It's who I am and it's who I'll always be
Torn apart by thought and memory

I want to walk the wilderness beneath an audience of stars
And if I am to die out there then I'll be smiling as I starve
Because I'll know I tried to break away
From that shit we're forced to eat every single day

I'll finally loose connection with all the cities and the cars
And walk for miles and miles because you can never be too far
From that twisted game your taught to play
Imprisoned by numbers with lots of zeros which can only teach you to learn to hate

But no matter how far I walk I'll always have these human hands
So I got a little plastic bag filled with silver shiny sand
And my dragon ignites my human light
The world does not change but I don't care coz I'm alright

Since the clock stopped moving and disappeared into the wall
I swallowed half of my happiness and I'm feeling kinda small
And I know that this is not ok
But when I'm sinking I'm content and you can't take that away

I started to discover that I wasn't quite cut out
For a big house in the country side where I'd never be without
When I saw what we can become
A forgotten shell in an empty castle left bitter and alone

As I write this song I think of how small we really are
So really all this shit on life is no bigger than a half
Of a fraction and it hurts my head
So to ease the pain I have to simplify so for now I think you live and then you're dead

They criticize my ideal life and they say I'd never last
But what they all fail to see is that I couldn't be less arsed
How can you waste what isn't there
To be alive is not to survive it's to enjoy the life you get to live I swear

In the end I'll never get lost enough, I'll never get that far
This planet isn't big enough, you'll always know where you are
So I guess down the road will have to do
You'll find this human frozen in a biffa bin beneath a rubbish shoot

So take my hand and follow me
All's we need is time
I want to get real close to you
Swap spit and share a line
Then lie with you and talk all night
And as the sun comes up we'll fall asleep side by side

Give me a reason to say I tried
To kill the black dog deep inside
Open the green door we hide behind
Give me a reason to change my mind

Writer(s): Celladoor
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Honest Man Meanings

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