Chanté Moore Can't Do It cover

Can't Do It
by Chanté Moore

Can't Do It Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Hey baby
I was just calling to say that I love you
'Cause some times I just don't know what to do with you
Verse 2
I take it personally
When he don't answer my calls
I hear your attitude
I appears like I really hate him
Verse 3
He ain't perfect
But he's so perfect for me
I know that this relationship
We've got to be so crazy
Verse 4
I say things
He say things
But we don't really mean it
And then I feel like to leave my baby
My man
Verse 5
Sometimes I want to leave
But I, but if said I didn't love you
I'd be lying
He's so smart and just a little hurt
Should be a cinch to be feeling this good
Verse 6
He gets on my last nerve
And he acts so nonchalant
And sometimes I wonder why I even bother
Next thing I know we're all over each other
Verse 7
I like to get it
I like to get it
He like to get it
He like to get it
Verse 8
I your mad, he, your mad
But then we get over it
So you can't even real tell me
Nothing about it
Verse 9
Can't do it
Can't do it...

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