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Love Action
by Chanté Moore
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Love Action Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
When I think of love
What I first think of
Is how the different we take
All the love we think we make
Loving in which I sing
Is so much more than a feeling
It has to be shared to be given
Love action gives satisfaction
Verse 2
Love taunts, love leads
Love covers, love moves
Love sees, love gives
Love soothes, love magnifies
The good and takes us through the bad
Love is all that
Verse 3
You and me it feels all these
Empty spaces left from good intentions
Bad choices, even crying
Trying hardly to dispel the misconceptions
And reveal what love really is
Verse 4
[Chorus: Repeat 2X]
Verse 5
Love is all that
Verse 6
(Repeat 2X)
This song
Speaks of love
That's more than emotional interaction
With your so called lover
If your love is real
Do what you feel
Show what you feel
'Cause if you're loving 'em back
Love will last, love will last
Verse 7
Love, love
I'll show you
I'll love you
Love is more than words
You've got to show me
You've got to love me
Show me love, show me love, show me
Love wants covers so I cover
I magnify the good
I love you with all of my heart
I cover you, cover you with all my love
Love is all that, love is all that
Love is all that, love is all that
Love is all that, love is all that
Love action
Love action
Love has to be given
Love has to be given

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