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Victim of Love
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Victim of Love Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Nowhere to hide
Victim of love
Verse 2
I'm a victim... of loving you
I'm victim... of wanting you
I woke up this morning... I found your love
Laying beside my soul
You told me that you loved me baby
I... oh I love you baby
I love you so darn gone much
Verse 3
Victim of love
Victim of love
Nowhere to hide
Victim of love
Verse 4
I'm a victim... of loving you, baby
When I was walking on the streets the other day
(On the street...)
You passed by and said (say hello)
Uh baby
My heart skips a beat
(skip skip skip skip)
(skip a beat)
Verse 5
Loving you... wanting you
Every time I see your face
Come on
Come on home
Where you belong
Verse 6
Victim of love
Victim, victim
Victim of love
Nowhere to hide
Nowhere to hide
You know...
When I tell you I love you
Victim of love
There's nowhere for me to hide no more baby
Victim of love
You got deep down in my soul
You touched my heart
He's a victim
He's a victim
Uh baby
He's a victim
I'm a victim
He's a victim
Of loving you
I need you, baby

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