2 Extreme cover
2 Extreme cover

2 Extreme Lyrics Meanings
by Chazworth Bently


2 Extreme Lyrics

Powered up
To the max
I make slaps and that's a facts
I hear the beat and I attack
It's like this an
That I'll get on yo head like a fitted cap
And you know that
I'm off the grid I'm off the map
Aww shit aww snap

Ima magician
And plus did I mention

I put you in Time our line you in detention

You ain't on my level you must be kidding

It look like gymnastics the way I be flipping

Call me chef the way I be whipping up in the kitchen

Hit like collision

Pinkie in the air when I be sippin

If it ain't a bout a check I'm dippin

I made a decision
Under any conditions

Just play yo position

Chazworth's what the games been missing

This how living
I feel like the villain

I'm ready and willing

Im feeling myself When up in the building

I hit up ant p when it's time for the filming

I do a lil different

Bitch I am gifted

I come peseistant

to be specific
I'm feeling terrific

I got it restricted

Im the big ticket

The kush got me lifted

And that is explicit

Imspitting these lyrics

And I do it so Vicous

Im out in trenches

I'm gettin these digits

I add like addition

I'm after these riches

I rock to the neck cuz these niggas be bitches

I get it jumping like 64 switches

I turn the ignition

I ball like a piston

Don't need your permision

This is tradition

Straight demolition I really be spitting

Juke like enmit

I cut like incision

I'm out on a mission

They under submission

And that is good writtens

And all is forgiven

I collect wit commission
This beat got me giggin

This my religion

Oh man god damn
Cutting it up in my vans

I dip and dab just like cam

i do the running man

Run it up until it's bands

Yea I be going ham

Get wit da program

In the air the air like a ceiling fan

I draw it out like a diagram

This a grand slam

You couldn't read me wit a cat skan

Their is no other than

I'm dipped in butter

That's on my mother

in living color

Ima slugger

I thought I told ya

It was know to know ya
A lethal weaponDanny Glover

I bring the thunder

They riding the wave just like a surfer

I be gettin further

Powered up up 2 max

Dope like anthrax.

Got em jumping like jumping Jax's

And the flow be abstract

Leave em flatter than a flap jack

We ain't never gonna detach

Boxed out whole place tact

That's that's

I sign it off like a contract

And I stay ready for combat

Writer(s): Chazworth Bently
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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