Choking Victim Infested cover

by Choking Victim

Jul 26, 2008

Infested Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
If there was a god, I'm sure he would be hated,
For making bugs, this hell now don't you hate it
Sit on a coat, put on a hat,
I am infested, it happens just like that.
I'm sure I hate 'em, there ain't no maybes,
Bodylice & crabs, headlice & scabies.
You take your pick.
They make me sick.
Well, I'll scratch until I bleed,
So there'll be scabs for me to pick.
It drives me mad as I scratch my body raw,
Sometimes it feels like sex when I'm scratching with my paws.
Sometimes it feels better, when it gets wetter;
Lubed up with puss & blood... but later I'm upsetter.
'Cause of the pain when the rash becomes inflamed,
I simply lost control, the scabies can't be blamed.
Oh yes they can!
I'll go complain to the drop in center clinic,
Hook me up with some lindane!
Verse 2
Oh yes lindane, the stuff for the occasion,
This lotion gives you cancer with too many applications. (3x)
Verse 3
But I must use it. I'll be the tested.
This time it's gone too far my body is infested.
I am infested, I am infested,
This time it's gone too far, my body is infested.
I am infested, I'll be the tested,
This time it's gone too far, my body is infested...
Verse 4
One bug, two bug, three bugs, four,
These bugs just fuck & eat, soon they'll be hundreds more.(to) Infest my head, infest my bed,
These bugs won't stop infesting 'til I kill them all dead.
Verse 5
Then there's the eggs, the fucking catch.
If I don't delouse again, in seven days they'll hatch.
And at this time, I will truly go insane;
My nervous system shot by the use of the lindane.
Verse 6
It is this lotion on my generation tested,
This time it's gone too far, my body is infested.

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