Chris Webby House Party Cypher (Interlude) cover

House Party Cypher (Interlude)
Lyrics and Meaning

May 12, 2015

House Party Cypher (Interlude) Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Flying in the car, looking like a star, just like a galaxy
Go so hard like a callus be, uh
Burning more things than calories
Verse 2
KID: I see you homie, I see you. Working, huh?
Verse 3
BarsTaLoan: You feel me? You see me right? I got bars, kid
Verse 4
KID: Word? That's what's up man
Verse 5
KID: Hold up, you heard of Chris Webby though?
Verse 6
BarsTaLoan: Chris Webby? Man I ain't worried about Chris Webby, man, I told you. I'm the illest out here in CT, I'm not worried bout no motherfucking ninja turtles, fuck a Mario man, this motherfucker looks like fucking Rob Dyrdek and shit, fuck that dude
Verse 7
KID: Funny story, he's here right now!
Verse 8
BarsTaLoan: Oh word, like here? At this part?
Verse 9
KID: Ayo Web!
Verse 10
BarsTaLoan: Nah nah nah it's cool....
Verse 11
KID: Web!
Verse 12
BarsTaLoan: Yo chill, chill, chill, chill...
Verse 13
KID: Come check this dude out, this dude is crazy
Verse 14
BarsTaLoan: Yo man, Bar Stallone that's my name. Introduce me as Bar Stallone, Please
Verse 15
KID: Fuck outta here. Ayo Web! Yo get your hands off that bitch
Verse 16
WEBBY: What!?
Verse 17
BarsTaLoan: Yo he's busy man just leave him alone, cmon man
Verse 18
WEBBY: Fucking fine, alright listen baby, you just stay right there for like 5 minutes, I swear to God I'll be right back. (to kid) What do you want? What the fuck is up?
Verse 19
KID: This dude is talking mad shit, show him what the fuck time it is
Verse 20
WEBBY (sighs): Alright. Yo Kenny! Kenny!
Verse 21
BarsTaLoan: Who the fuck is Kenny...
Verse 22
WEBBY: Get over here real quick, man, we need a beat box, man
Verse 23
KENNY: Right now?
Verse 24
WEBBY: C'mere man, just come over here man
Verse 25
KENNY: Alright, alright I'm coming
Verse 26
WEBBY: Ayo everybody keep it down for a second
Verse 27
BarsTaLoan: No no no keep partying, y'all keep going
Verse 28
WEBBY: Gotta do a little rap thing, ya know? You ready?
Verse 29
KENNY (in robot voice): I'm ready
Verse 30
BarsTaLoan: What the fuck is that?
Verse 31
[Freestyle: Chris Webby]
Yo, it's Chris Webby
At this party and shit, motherfucker wants me to rap
I'm about to open an abortion clinic right next to your local church
And go to narcotics anonymous hustling coke and percs
I'm just trying to piss you off, I really hope it works
Go berzerk, I got a dirty mouth, I'll never hold a curse
Jerking off until my motherfucking shoulder hurts
Even if she vegan she gon swallow when my boner squirts
Help an older lady across the road, "hey can I hold your purse?"
Then kick her in front of a moving bus, "oh no, she's hurt!"
Shit I'm pretty sure she's dead but you can check yourself
While I run her wallet and spend all the money at Taco Bell
Anyone this deranged should surely be locked in jail
I'm on the grind but off the rails like an Eric Koston fail
I hit it rapid fire, try to pull out of a vaginal cavity
But busted while I was half inside her
Then I woke up in the morning and had a reminder
That she getting plan B for breakfast with an apple cider
Someone pass the lighter, I need some weed to breathe in
He's a demon, dirty mind, sneaky heathen
I don't need a reason
I'm creeping up like sex offenders with binoculars on a beach in bikini season
You won't see me leaving, I'm running through that
Stomp you to death then throw my Nike's back on the shoe rack
Huh I'ma do that, why bother tryna bleach the blood stains out?
Somebody told me orange is the new black
So I scrub my white T til it turns the color copper
And use some Tide detergent and throw it up in the washer
It's weird that I ain't crazy though, shit you can ask my doctor
Sike, I'm off my rocker like an active grandfather, motherfucker
Verse 32
WEBBY: Your turn, bro
Verse 33
BarsTaLoan: I actually gotta save my voice for my open mic tomorrow, bro
Verse 34
WEBBY: Oh yeah? That's cool bro. Seriously. (to party) Who wants to get back to drinking?!?!

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