Stare Into The Sun
Stare Into The Sun

Stare Into The Sun Lyrics Meanings
by Christina Courtin, The Knights

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Stare Into The Sun Lyrics

Stare Into the Sun

My jeans are so blue they remind of you
And Iʼm walking with Chippo down the Embarcadero
Theyʼre definitely too tight but I guess itʼs alright
Itʼs what all the girls wearing and the boys now too
My jacketʼs all wrong I just want to belong
And I donʼt have a keen sense of what my involvement is
Look at my lipstick yea Iʼm so artistic
And Iʼm cashinʼ checks as I stare into the sun

Gettinʼ real high sometimes I wanna die
Then I think of the summer when we were together
My skin still smells like the ocean and shell that you gave me have cracked
Guess I just throw them back you see
Iʼve grown somewhat attached to the hooks that you latched in me
Ride me at night like a weak pony prancer
Well Iʼm an amoeba a single cell pleaser
And Iʼm cashinʼ checks as I stare into the sun

My birdie circled head was it something I said
Was it just a mistaken dissimulation
The dream that we lived in got this great apartment
Right next to the deli now it wonʼt write back
I wish you would explain all the things you proclaim
And they ride me at night like a 25 cent machine
Iʼm so smart just look at my art
And Iʼm cashinʼ checks as I stare into the sun

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