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Sarah Jackman
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Sarah Jackman Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Is this 418-9749?
Verse 2
Sarah Jackman, Sarah Jackman,
How's by you? How's by you?
How's by you the family? How's your sister Emily?
She's nice too She's nice too
Verse 3
(Jerry Bachman, Jerry Bachman,
So what's new? So what's new?)
Whatcha doing Sarah?
(Reading John O'Hara)
He's nice too
(He's nice too)
Verse 4
Sarah Jackman, Sarah Jackman,
How's by you? How's by you?
How's your brother Bernie?
(He's a big attorney)
How's your sister Doris?
(Still with William Morris)
How's your cousin Shirley?
(She got married early)
How's her daughter Esther?
(Skipped a whole semester)
How's your brother Bentley?
(Feeling better ment'ly)
How's your cousin Ida?
(She's a freedom rider)
What's with uncle Sidney?
(They took out a kidney)
How's your sister Norma?
(She's a non-conforma)
How's yours cousin Lena?
(Moved to Pasadena)
How's your uncle Nathan?
(Him I got no faith in)
I ain't heard from Sonja
(I'll get her to phone you)
How's her daughter Rita?
(A regular Lolita)
How's your cousin Manny?
(Signed up with Vic Tanny)
How's your nephew Seymour?
(Seymour joined the Peace Corps)
He's nice too He's nice too
Verse 5
Sarah Jackman,
Sarah Jackman,
How's by you? (Jerry Bachman,)
How's by you? (Jerry Bachman,)
Give regards to hi now (So what's new?)
Gotta say goodbye now(So what's new?)
Toodle-oo (Give regards to Moe now)
Toodle-oo (Well I gotta go now)
Toodle-oo (Toodle-oo)
Toodle-oo (Toodle-oo)
Toodle-oo (Toodle-oo)

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