City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Four Love Seasons [Live][*] cover

Four Love Seasons [Live][*]
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Verse 1
Spring, spring
Short spring, spraying life, spraying life,loving
Short spring, spraying life, spraying life, loving
Love thing love
Ah nanananananana ah
Green seed, yellow sun,
kissing, kissing redly
Orange will be our flower son.
Short spring, spraying love,
Spraying life, kissing spring.
Verse 2
Summer, you are the warmest place;
Carry me there.
Feed my mouth your wetness (feed my mouth your wetness)
Homely park picnic, story me there.
Sketch my mind your likeness (sketch my mind your likeness)
Happily push me deep into summer place.
Hold me there, please me there
Warm me 'til I'm helpless. Fall.
Verse 3
Fall; known for beginnings and memories
That words can't touch and change, want;
And only sometimes get.
Do you like my face?
Did you keep the look I gave you?
A teacher of English spoke to caressing and said it best:
Fall blessing.
Do you hate my face?
Did we sleep the curse away?
A teacher of life spoke to separatenessing,
And presented the fall
(a witch's brew) and mixed
(an angel's year)
And stirred lifetime's leaves.
Verse 4
Winter, winter, a shrinking love thing,
(friends again, time again)
But honest love never dying
Perhaps causing two of our sillier selves
To dream again in the same bed.
Verse 5
Fall summer kissing spring winter
For your seasons
Thank you, black angel girl
For your seasons
Four love seasons
Four love seasons
Seasons, seasons.

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