clipping. Interlude 01 (Freestyle) cover

Interlude 01 (Freestyle)
by clipping.
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Verse 1
The enemy, called the first shot on the first ship to be
Free from your trade, I'm a traitor, so be
If you took all you have and flew off to where no one could see
Word on the radio, I'm a suspect
Yeah you know the name ho, come get
Some if you want it but it ain't no fun
Turn your whole bridge into Room 101
That one you son for the "yes sir, no ma'am"
Know I'm damn near nothing bout 'em, boy 'bout it
Heard him shoutin', right? Yup!
Told 'em how he ride? Uh-huh
Head bustin' shit, fuck it, turn to ride, let 'em know, click!
Do you wanna ride or die?
La la la la la la...
Fuck a whole ship, fuck it's a glory sight
La la la la la la la...
Call me good boy, no, I'm god, boy
Quietly did our jobs for you and talk code in our [?] five on ya
[?] called on and draw first blood
So that all of us could break the chains

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