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The Breach
by clipping.
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Verse 1
Generally operating normally
A small anomaly has become evident
And probably should be noted
There is spiking in the pulse of a member of the cargo
And the crew and other passengers have not begun to notice
The facility you certainly have taken steps to cultivate
For all intents and purposes would totally accept it
But the readings that are coming through
While not negating wholly the hypothesis
Seem to be unable to suggest it
Verse 2
First: the recommended course of action should be to
Administer a sedative to all the cargo via ventilation
The ship is fully capable of automating this
But requires an approval code from the administration
Again, it cannot easily be overstated the importance of alacrity
In acting out the task commanded
The pulses of the cargo are still rising and endorphins
That are often linked to violence are too critical to manage
Now: one specifically is up and moving to the door
He has found the access panel situated in the floor
He is entering the codes and overriding has begun
Reading rage in the nervous system, nothing can be done
It seems to circumvent necessity of physical restraints
Send security immediately over to the gate
And remember that these beings were selected for their strength
Use your army sense accordingly in order to be safe

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