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Verse 1
[Chorus: x2]
I'm havin' nightmares
My niggas say I'm p-noid
They say I'm just p-noid
Verse 2
I'm wakin' up in the middle of the night
My heart keeps pumpin' like somethin' ain't right
What's goin' on?
When I go outside I feel somethin' behind me
Verse 3
I'm lookin' back but nothing's around me
(What's goin' on?)
Man I don't know
What am I trippin' on?
Verse 4
There's somethin' in the room
It's lurkin' in the shadows
Staring through the darkness
Man I don't know
Verse 5
These four walls are closing in
These voices ain't my friends
They hauntin' me
Those, those memories
Verse 6
[Chorus: x2]
Verse 7
They comin' for me, they runnin' up
I'm on my balcony seein' through the eyes of Tony
They say we homies, but I see hatred
Do not they know brotherly love is sacred?
Verse 8
Niggas catch feelings even contemplate killin's
When you see millions, there are many chameleons
You're not a gunner, forreal you just a runner
Haters, I spot you from afar and I'm the deer hunter
They be thinkin' nice car, nice crib
Verse 9
I be thinkin' how long will these niggas let me live
I understand, 'cause people need things
And they will take it from you
And take you from your seedlings
Verse 10
So even with the mumblest talk
I still walk the most humblest walk
And one day, they may even catch up with me, man
But 'til then, I'm Leonardo, catch me if you can
Verse 11
Verse 12
Look over your shoulder, somethin' is there
And I'm so scared
When I'm alone Iâ??m so scared!
Now it's inchin' closer, trouble is near
Verse 13
But nothing's there
When I look nothing's there
I'm out of my mind
I'm runnin' from guilt
Verse 14
But it's right by my side
There's nowhere to hide
I'm out of my mind
I'm runnin' from guilt
Verse 15
But it's right by my side
There's nowhere to hide
Verse 16
[Pusha T]
I make big money!
Drive big cars!
Everybody know me!
It's like I'm a movie star!
Verse 17
Virginia Nights
Selling hard white, to selling out shows
Every gangsta love my flows
Still I creep low thinking niggas tryna harm me
Verse 18
Hopin' my karma ain't comin' back here to haunt me
Was it that nigga I took his powder with a smile
Prayin' to lord, the gun ain't pop and hit the child, shit!
I peel niggas girls back like Alpha Hydroxy
Verse 19
Spend money like Happy Days
Iâ??m the real Fonzi
Top off the coop thatâ??s how JFK got shot be
Canâ??t let niggas roll up aside me and Tupac me
Verse 20
Holla if you hear me, tears flowin' sincerely
Checkin' up my block weekly, my health yearly
Somethin's wrong with me
Niggas don't get along with me
Verse 21
Got a 4'4, hope your body got strong kidneys
Verse 22

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