Baby Lucas

Baby Lucas Lyrics Meanings
by ColFax


Baby Lucas Lyrics

Snow on the bluff watch it on Netflix
Your hoe wanna cuff jump to them next dicks
She a thot, but you thought she was only
But you only mistaken my fellas taken your bacon
What's shaken
Fila sweat suit, the gold nixon
The piece on both hands like President Nixon
I just want your time
For you to lend your ears
See I'm in the garden hand on the sheers
Sheer W trouble to, could match if there double you
Shit is popping like bubbles blew n*ggas claim that they fuck with you
Now my route scenic
I'm ridding through the vale
Westside Phoenix
On bethany home step with your chrome
Looking for a heina that's gonna give me the dome
Right at the brink though
Turn 3 to cinco
Boost mobile niggas busting juggs at Federicos
Az burrito
They call me Carlito
Last name Brigante
Do what a don say
Cause you can get your baby blue
Ain't that Beyoncé
Well check please
I'm walking through the door
Soon as I come in, I expect income
Good to my word, Edward E Enigma
Commit crime villain fax riddler to these n*ggas
Cooking stop grill nothing similar to these n*ggas
Soon as we get it
Your bitch (Check it out)

Fax on this beat let me tell you what it's about
This game is sold really not be told
If was fresh out the Dryer I still couldn't fold
Never dropping dimes like Kevin love and D Illard
We get it for the low then cop polo at Dillard's
I talk like a pimp
I dress like dealer
But I just sell raps I'm not concerned with who's realer
I'm Urkel mixed with fresh prince
With a drip Odog
I just run my shit right tell them suckas go jog
On my plate no hog
Honey saying oh God
See my face in those blogs
N*ggas know I go hard

The game was in the dark I brought the light to n*ggas
My bitch Quentin Miller
That means she right for n*ggas
Done on that dash
I'm thumbing through cash
My bars catholic school there's nun in my class

And the money made em ruthless with they hands outs getting more licks then Baby Lucas

Writer(s): Carlos Galan-Floyd
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Baby Lucas Meanings

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