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I Wonder Lyrics

I wonder why this music shit is getting old
Same story bold claim all that's ever being told

I wonder how many artist just fucking sold they souls
I wonder if there is really gold at the end of this road
I wonder are the rappers touching real cheddar
I wonder why you tell me lies make to feel better
I wonder why we feel closer when we not together
I wonder why it's temporary and forever
I wonder why at this moment
I have a fuck to give

Like why alaysha die
And I have to live

I wonder
You probably say that it what's is
Deep convos best response I wonder why that is
Like why you there
I wonder why I'm here
Why am I the one to tell you don't wanna hear

I wonder why Im the reflection
Of all you're biggest fears I would cry tears of joy but shit I ran out of tears

I wonder, I wonder, I wonder
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

I wonder why we kill for money
When the best things free
Like family and loving unconditionally

I wonder why that love just really ain't enough for people
I wonder why you see good when I only see the evil

In my self
I wonder why I can't ask for help

I'd Rather deal with it alone
Then tell someone else

I wonder why I can be a such a selfish asshole
To ones that I love who do for me what I don't ask for

I wonder
What if
They over
My shit

I wonder why do all this shit to be seen
Just find out in the end it doesn't mean a thing
I wonder why we impressing, who ain't worth impressing

Wonder about god
And If there is a heaven
And if so why he give me all these blessing's

I wonder when I meet him will he answer all my questions
I wonder, I wonder, I wonder

Writer(s): Carlos Galan-Floyd
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

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