Gunfire Lyrics Meanings
by Come-L


Gunfire Lyrics

I'm just trying to make it out the gunfire
She throw it and I catch it like a umpire
Up all night you'd swear we was some vampires
Im the center of attention like a campfire

Heard they shootings heard they shooting
Guess they trying to shoot they shot
When I be shooting i be shooting the new ruger or the glock
Imma real trapper trapper
I don't even need a clock
You a real rapper rapper
All that flagging need to stop
Everybody gang gang
Till the gang get pop
Everybody gang bang
Till somebody get shot
The real gang got a badge
And a license to kill
The real gang cause pain
In the streets foreal
Taking children from they mamas
Fathers from they children
Taking out anybody
Who stand up to they ignorance
Curiosity killed the cat
So I guess you better mind your business
Be a good slave now
And go back in the kitchen
No I won't do that
Yo I see through that
Whoa why he do that
Oh he just blew back
All that blow on his throwback
Guess he got too close
They gone prolly try to kill me
I be doing the most

Ain't been sleep in two days
I just made a new wave
Say she diggin me I'm diggin here
We both diggin graves
Say she iggin I'm iggin her
We both playing games
If this a shoot out
Then we both about to die of old age
Take yo shot first This another hot verse
That deserves a VMA Emmy or Oscar
Her last boyfriend is a grouch
I call him Oscar
My flow sick I think
I really need a doctor
But ain't no cure for this type of cold
Ain't no rug for these kinds flows
You can't step on this type of dope
Give it to pure no cut
Can't water down this stuff
Double every time I cook up
It's a blessing every time I look up
Beat sick so I threw the hook up
And the verse is just a form of discharge
Think you better brace yourself for this part
This is where it gets a little tricky
This is where it gets a little sticky
This is where I mix the rap god
With slim shady and we get a little dicky
This is where I mix the heavy D
With Kool Moe Dee and we get a little biggie

Writer(s): Comelle Longefusse
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Gunfire Meanings

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