Common, G Herbo, Cocaine 80s The Neighborhood cover

The Neighborhood
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Lyrics and Meaning

July 22, 2014

Song Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Thousand lives ago
We were young and we didn't know
We were trading our crowns for our souls
Made the sacrifice
Headed back to the light
But be careful don't drown in the gold
I know it glows but it's cold
Verse 2
I'm from the other side of town
Out of bounds
To anybody who don't live around
I never learned to share or how to care
I never had no teachings about being fair
Verse 3
Have you ever heard of Black Stone around Black Stones?
And Four C H'd, Vice Lords, Stony Island on Aces
The concrete matrix, street organizations
They gave violations, hood public relations
It was the basics to get big faces
Stay away from cases, bad broads, good graces
The hustles was the taste makers and trend setters
They the ones that fed us hopin' that the feds don't get us
The era of Reagan, the terror of Bush
Crack babies, momma's a push, we were the products of Bush
I'm wishin' for a Samurai Suzuki and a little Gucci
A bad ho to BBB do me, you heard of flukey?