Connie Boswell Yes, Indeed! cover

Yes, Indeed!
by Connie Boswell

Yes, Indeed! Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Now, er, has you got it, sister Constance, er tell me, has you got it?
Oh, yeah, I got it, brother Bingstance, now you know I got it
Now, has you got that rhythm in you, mm?
Yeah, yeah, I think I got that er rhythm in me
Then you got it, sister Constance
I swear I do believe that you got it
Verse 2
You will shout when it hits you, yes indeed
Yes indeed
Oh, you'll shout when it hits you, yes indeed
Oh, yes indeed
When the spirit moves you, you'll shout hallelujah!
Hallelujah brother!
When it hits you, you'll holla, yes indeed
Verse 3
Oh, pops I'm here and I dig you, yes indeed
Oh yes indeed
While I'm here, let me hit you, yes indeed
Ah, hit me, do that to me
When that jive starts jumpin'
I shout hallelujah!
For I'm in there, I'm in there, yes indeed
Verse 4
Now, brother Chowderhead ,he got it in him, yes indeed
Oh boy, you can say that again!
He digs deep in the middle, yes indeed
Oh, yes indeedy
How he blows his top when, when he rips hallelujah!
Oh, dig it out on your horn there, brother Chowderhead
Dig it for me
Verse 5
It comes out if it's in you, yes indeed
Oh, yes indeed
When you jump, for it's in you, yes indeed
When that feeling's on you, you shout hallelujah!
When it hits you, you holla, yes indeed

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