Connie Francis Hollywood cover

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Jun 14, 2005

Hollywood Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
Whose jalopy is covered with junk
But don't have any money for lunch?
It's Hollywood, it's Hollywood
Verse 2
Who's the local star
With the big, fine car?
It's Hollywood
Verse 3
Who wears the shady glasses after dark?
Who tries to talk the little girlie's into parking?
It's Hollywood, Hollywood
Verse 4
Who's the local yokel with
The horn rimmed bifocals?
It's Hollywood
Go, go, go
Verse 5
Who else would hold a cigarette like that?
Who else would wear a little Frenchy's hat?
No one but Hollywood, Hollywood
Verse 6
Who thinks he's been around
But ain't never been out of town?
It's Hollywood
Verse 7
I'll give you just one little guess
At who old Hollywood's trying to impress
You're right, it's Hollywood, Hollywood
Verse 8
Who's that farmer
Who think he's a charmer?
It's Hollywood
Verse 9
Yeah, it's Hollywood all right
Here Hollywood, here's a quarter
Go buy yourself some, ah, continental pants
Ascot, cigarette holder etc, etc

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