Connie Francis Torn Between Two Lovers cover

Torn Between Two Lovers
Lyrics and Meaning

Nov 2, 1999

Torn Between Two Lovers Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
There are times when a woman has to say what's on her minc
Even though she knows how much it's gonna hurt
Before I say another world let me tell you:
Verse 2
I love you
Let me hold you close and say these words as gently as I car
There's been another man that I've needed and I've loved
But that doesn't mean I love you less
And he knows he can't possess me
And he knows he never will
There's just this empty place inside of me
That only he can fill
Verse 0
Torn between two lovers
Feeling like a fool
Loving both of you is breaking all the rules
Torn between two lovers
Feeling like a fool
Loving you both is breaking all the rules.
Verse 3
You mustn't think you failed me
Just because there's someone else
You were the first real love I ever had
And ail the things I ever said I swear they still are true
For no one else can have the part of me I gave to you
Verse 4
Verse 5
I couldn't really blame you if you turned and walked away
But with everything I feel inside I'm asking you to stay
Verse 6
[Chorus x2]

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