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A Little Uncanny
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Verse 1
You started drinking the Kool-Aid
We were taking the bait
We were talking big talk
Never playing it safe
Looking good as Jane Fonda
On a Vietnam tank
Can't get something for nothing
Have to energize your base
Verse 2
But she was young enough
She was blonde enough
She was about a perfect ten
Had millions of admirers but not one single friend
Verse 3
And it's a, it's a little uncanny
what she managed to do
Become a symbol for a pain she never knew
Verse 4
You know old Ronnie Reagan
He was a shoe salesman's son
He got himself in the movies
He impressed everyone
He thought trial by fire
Was America's fate
He made a joke of the poor people
And that made him a saint
Verse 5
But he was tan enough, he was rich enough
He was handsome like John Wayne
And there was no one at the country club
Who didn't feel the same
Verse 6
But it's a, it's a little uncanny
What he managed to do
Got me to read those Russian authors through and through
Verse 7
I miss Christopher Hitchens
I miss Oliver Sacks
I miss poor Robin Williams
I miss Sylvia Plath
Every morning's a desert
Every night is a flood
They say a party can kill you
Well sometimes I wish it would
Verse 8
But I'll get strong enough, I'll be man enough
To keep myself in check
'Cause all my friends that flew to town
Said that's what they expect
Verse 9
But it's a, it's a little uncanny
What they managed to do
Made me admit to things I knew were never true

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