Money Talks

Money Talks Lyrics Meanings
by D. Bulletz


Money Talks Lyrics

Yeah, aye

What's the cost of a dollar if you ain't havin' shit
I trying to become rich hit it within' a killswitch
I workin' full time from 9 to 5 ain't a bitch
It's payday I'm spendin' my money too damn quick (Yeah)
Hunid bands hunid bands comin' from the dirt
This is real money growing from the dirt for what it's worth
I will take the whole money and then get a duffle bag
I can use the stack of money just to flex it on the gram (Yeah)
Josuke and Okuyasu hustle for that money
For the little ass weird nigga with the nose soo runny
They be chasing for that paper cause it's sticking like a stapler
Shining Diamond is the healer and The Hand is the eraser
There's a David Bowie look alike he pattin' for pockets
In the case of the missing hand in a paper bag
He has Deadly Queen blowing niggas up smithereens
Wanna live a quiet life he got married has a wife (Yeah)
Gone with the wind there it goes
There's a lotto ticket blowing like a leaf there it goes
Winning 10 million dollars in a day there I go
I'll be buying me some drip and some ice in white gold (Yeah)

Lemme tell you something, there is no nobility in poverty
I've been a rich man and I have been a poor man
And I choose rich every fuckin' time (Yeah)

Get rich or die trying be like 50 Cent
Getting dirty money from the trapping just to pay the rent
I'll be sleeping on a pile of money like a rich nigga
Riding nice cars like a Lambo' I be riding foreigns
Niggas always throwing money at their fuckin' problems
And the funny part is that they cannot fix it with their hands
Jake Paul and Ricegum flexing on them haters
And they dabbing on them haters, nigga please middle finger
I be thanking God for the money that I got today
All the things that got to buy its a fuckin' price to pay
And I know that things that I bought must've cost a lot
Really am glad that I bought the things I really want

Writer(s): Iree McGirt
Copyright(s): Lyrics © DistroKid
Lyrics Licensed & Provided by LyricFind

Money Talks Meanings

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