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Talib Kweli, Total The Anti-Love Movement

The Anti-Love Movement
by (Feat. & )

Jul 31, 2001

The Anti-Love Movement Lyrics

Song Meaning
Verse 1
No I don't wanna love you, ummmhmmm
No I don't wanna love, I don't wanna love (c'mon)
No I don't wanna love you, aaaahhaa (Yea, yea, yea)
No I don't wanna love.
Verse 0
No I don't wanna love you (Don't wanna love you)
Cuz I know how you are (How you are)
That's why I've been stayin away from you
That's why I have caught you babe (I have it good)
Cuz I know you can posess my body (Yea baby)
I know you can make me scrawl
And I know you can have my body shakin
I know you can have me comin whoa
Verse 2
[Talib Kweli]
Yea, I remember how we was stressed out when I met you
I was going through shit too, we kinda clicked
Ms. Special was freaky like a Maplethorn photo
But no this song came up in my head like 'Oh no!'
The rest of me sounded like Marv Albert 'Yes'
Don't let my eyes undress, let's slide to my rest
You fly as our guest, besides we the best
Plus, made the chicken much more than thighs and breasts
Live in the flesh even liver in the spirit
C'mon ma, sometimes you cry when I hit it
Marks on her back, heart on attack, why when we did it
Took a minute to catch her breath when we finished
Yo, whatever cat got you actin like that
Think back, I asked you if you drink 'yac
You said no, or order Merlot
You like to drink that, but only on special occasions
Tell me what's my special, then it's dangerously azin
Verse 3
[Talib Kweli]
Yea, the way I spit it, them other cats can forget it
You talkin numbers other cats is talkin digits
Tryna hit it and beat it, smack it and blow your back out
So abbusive, I could wrestle and blessed that it turned the cat out
Crazy for Haiti, we in the zone gettin playfully erotic
Whatever you give to me, I'll give it back graciously exotic
Sweet incense, meet the scent of chronic in the air
Mixed in with the sex funk in the atmosphere
They say love stinks, sex smells
Wanna suck that eye-candy, the way you double excell
You, all in my bubble and troubled the way you fell
We check it like a couple, good lovin up in the tell
Then you, tell your friends I'm your skin like melanin
A gentleman that make them little boy games seem irrelevant
My special friend, up in my mix we make a special blend
Shit, feel to good that's why you hesitant
Verse 4
[Total (Talib Kwel)] 2x
No I don't wanna love you, ummmhmmm (what)
No I don't wanna love, I don't wanna love (uh-uh, uh-uh c'mon)
No I don't wanna love you, aaaahhaa
No I don't wanna love, ummmhmmm (yea, yea, y'all havin fun yet)
Verse 5
[Talib Kweli]
Total, Talib Kweli, yea
Beatminerz, Mr. Walt, Baby Paul and
The Evil Dee yea

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