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High Come Down

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Verse 1
Verse 2
Yeah yeah come on
(Baby you make my)
Yeah yeah come on
Yeah yeah come on
(Baby you make my)
Yeah yeah come on
Verse 3
[Da Brat]
Each day I come in it's always somethin'
Don't stress me I'm paid like Phil Drummin
I pop like ten Crist'ies a day
In the spot like I'm way past risqué
be are A T hard and sexy
And you can't get next to me baby
With a blunt in my hand shit is obsolete
I don't want to be fucked with when I cheat
It's my smoking lye, how it's supposed to be
You bitches could never get close to me
Hopefully you know not to blow my high
Impose in my zone extinguish my fire
It's my desire to blaze it up
Mad cause I puff I don't give a fuck
Don't come around me with no negative shit
Step up, step up and I'mma bust your lip
Verse 0
Cause I don't like to be fucked with when I'm high
(Too the sky)
First thing you can do is make my high come down
(Down, down, down)
Ooh when you make my high come down
I don't want to be around you no more, no more
Verse 4
[Da Brat]
Let's space it out, my faith is out
When I get frustrated I take it out
On the optimo so break it out
Gun me vicariously till I choke me
Make no mistake about Miss Harris stakin' out
Good cabbage lay it out
Gray for glycoma, rotten to Daytona
How to survive?
Get high all by your lonesome
Unless you want some company
I might pass the blunt but this bud's for me
My concentration and know nothing else
I take my problems lay 'em on the shelf
Block all the calls then shut off the cell
It's not absurd niggas get on my nerves
With bullshit too much for this bitch
Me and my spliff don't want to be fucked with
Verse 5
Usually, when I split my gun down the middle
Got good weed, so strong it takes just a minute
For me to get to that place we love to go
I made this shit so you would know
Verse 6
[Da Brat]
When the ashes burn off
I get flashes on how you were turned off
And a big distraction
Don't nobody want to be agitated
Upset or annoyed, and aggravated
Masturbation ain't stimulating as this
When it's twist, put it up to my lips and hit
Don't forget to puff, puff and pass
My blunt is stuffed up with chunks of hash
Verse 7

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